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Total Care Clinics is a Family Practice with offices in Kennewick & Walla Walla, WA and is the office of Nurse Practitioners Aaron Johnson, Tyler Christensen, Chris Benner, Gabe Sims, Tristin Schab, Cijiana Duong and Dr. Bart Moore. We believe that a healthcare provider should be able to care for the complete healthcare needs of each family. Whether it is a child’s cough, a yearly bout with bronchitis, or care for diabetes or high blood pressure, Total Care provides immediate healthcare solutions that maximize health potential. For more than 6 years, this practice has become known as a place for "Total Care" throughout the Columbia Basin and the Walla Walla Valley.





Our team of providers truly exemplify the core attitude of our practice...TOTAL care. We asked each of these individuals to join our team because we knew we could count on that level of care. It's the kind of care that goes beyond the surface physical issues and demonstrates genuine compassion. You can get to know them better by clicking on their photos.



One of the benefits to having a Nurse Practitioner as your Primary Care Provider is the fact that each one started as a nurse. Their professional healthcare journey has always found them right next to the patients they were caring for...including experience in the ER. This particular path to becoming a Primary Care Provider translates into the desire for a healthcare partnership with each patient. 

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COMPASSIONATE CARE from exceptional care providers. That is what takes place everyday at Total Care Clinics. We partner with you, the patient, and work as a team to arrive at solutions that are tailored to YOUR health. 

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BE THE BEST YOU. When you wake up every morning, we know you want you to be the best possible version of you.  But LIFE happens, and sometimes you find yourself wondering where that best version wandered off to.  

LET US HELP! Total Care provides a wide range of services help you identify and stay on the path towards the best you. Learn more at the links below. 

WHAT IS DIRECT PRIMARY CARE (DPC)? The short answer...DPC allows you to see your healthcare provider for all of the "basics" at a low, monthly cost. This is a FANTASTIC option for families (or companies) with high-deductible insurance plans who simply AVOID going to the doctor.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Total Care's DPC Program

As a healthcare provider, it is sometimes frustrating to know that the Insurance industry, while being a valuable asset in covering so many of the healthcare services provided, can also do be a deterrent to someone seeking out basic healthcare because of low/coverage p...

I'm sitting here writing near a window. Outside my particular window is a fairly substantial snow storm...and it's supposed to be done doing that (by "it" I mean the sky and by "that" I mean crazy cold weather in my part of the state). This morning, the All-Wheel Drive...

Aaron Johnson with Total Care Clinics is one of Eastern Washington’s most respected providers of Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy. He has partnered with male and female athletes as well as many other individuals to help each achieve their maximum potential in fitness and...

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