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madeline rannow, lmp

massage therapist, kennwick office



On the front end of her career as a Professional Massage Therapist, Maddie's passion for health and fitness began several years ago. As a young athlete, she discovered the need for and process of exercise and recovery. These interests led her to follow an education geared towards sports medicine.

Maddie graduated in June of 2013 from Central Washington University with a BS in Clinical Physiology with a Minor in Athletic Training. At this time, she qualified to pursue a certification through the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and became an ACSM Certified Healthy & Fitness Specialist. 


Maddie received her Licensed Massage Practitioner (LMP) certification in June 2014 and began her practice immediately. Her first nine months were spent working in a chiropractic clinic where she functioned as a massage therapist and also received training in the benefits and applications of low level laser treatments. She managed the practices “Healthy Lifestyles” program which included testing body composition, measuring metabolic rates, and supervising use of an oxygen sauna and a Sonics machine.


Maddie joined the team at Total Care Clinics in the Spring of 2015 and continues to provide exceptional services to all who have the opportunity to work with her.

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