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nurse practitioner, kennewick 


Sarena Sloot has been caring for patients in the Tri Cities since 2003. During several years as an RN and hospital nursing supervisor, Sarena was inspired to obtain a graduate degree and advanced registered nurse practitioner designation to continue to improve and expand her ability to care for her patients. Sarena has an affinity for complex procedures which led to her joining vascular surgery at Kadlec as an ARNP as well as a surgical first assist for the past 5 years, while caring for Total Care patients as time allowed. She now has joined Total Care to pursue interests in hormone replacement therapy, sports medicine, and health optimization and minor surgical procedures just as joint injections.

She describes her healthcare philosophy as “genuine, compassionate, realistic care.” She enjoys relating to her healthcare population by appreciating them as both an individual person, as well as a patient. Sarena is designated for both adult and family care, certified across the lifespan. When she is not caring for patients, Sarena enjoys an active lifestyle with her family and friends with an emphasis on physical fitness, competitive sports, and health, diet, and lifestyle study to promote overall well being.


Sarena Sloot @ IKON Wellness

Total Care Clinics is collaborating with IKON Wellness to enhance overall health promotion planning and care for patients in order to achieve the best results possible.


Sarena is available for hormone optimization consults weekly at IKON. Through consultation, Sarena can determine if endocrine or hormonal imbalances could affect progress of each individual’s health and wellness goals. She can offer both holistic/ supplemental plans as well as prescriptive plans that will complement IKON Wellness offerings by creating a balanced hormonal state that is conducive to and promotes IKON Wellness health, lifestyle, and weight loss offerings. She can also offer guidance and referral to Total Care partners for primary, family, injury and illness needs. Sarena is credentialed through most insurance companies or if no insurance is available cash consultation rates are also offered.

Sarena Sloot

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