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about total care

Total Care Clinics/Because We Do
Total Care Clinics is a Family Practice with offices in Richland and Walla Walla, WA and is the office of Nurse Practitioners Aaron Johnson, Christopher BennerGabriel Sims, Tristin Schab Ryan Case, and Angela Shaw. Founded in 2012 by Johnson, this team has worked in Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine, and Anti-Aging Medicine and bring this extensive experience to the practice of managing healthcare needs for the whole family. Over the past 6 years, this practice has truly become known as a place for "Total Care" throughout the Columbia Basin and the Walla Walla Valley.

Our TOTAL Philosophy
At Total Care, we believe that a healthcare provider should be able to care for the complete healthcare needs of each family. Whether it is a child’s cough or ear infection, a yearly bout with bronchitis, or care for diabetes or high blood pressure, Total Care provides immediate healthcare solutions that maximize your health potential. We are even the team that will splint your fracture or do stitches in the office so you don’t have to go somewhere unfamiliar to your family and your individual health history.

In addition to active Family & Pediatric Practice, we provide extensive injury care for L&I Claims, Motor Vehicle Accidents and Sports Injuries. We accept auto insurance and work with you on uninsured and third party claims so you dont have to worry about additional expenses. You can focus on getting treatment and getting better. This includes a Licensed Massage Practitioner on-site.


Experiencing tiredness, fatigue, and other symptoms of low Testosterone and hormone imbalance? Total Care specializes in Bio-Identical hormone Replacement Therapy. Our patients experience new vitality and vigor as we guide them towards treatment designed to assist their bodies in functioning as balance. Total Care is fast becoming the regional authority in this field of care.

Welcome. And Thank You.
We are fortunate to have an extremely hard-working team of people who make Total Care a success. We strive to accommodate new patients and new opportunities for care in a timely manner and maintain a high quality of care for both new and existing patients. We look forward to having the opportunity to introduce your family to our winning combination of exceptional people and exceptional care.

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