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pediatrics for kids of all ages

As a clinic full of parents, we know exactly what you are going through when trying to stay in front of all the questions related to your child's health. At Total Care, our goal is to be as proactive as possible to keep your child healthy. This includes well-child visits, vaccinations, school and sports physicals, etc. And when your child is ill we make every effort to get them in as quickly possible to see a provider and to make sure that both you and your child leave with the peace of mind that the most effective care has been provided.

Another value you will find at Total Care is our many years of experience treating children in the emergency room setting. This puts us in a unique position to provide certain services in-clinic that you would otherwise have to visit the ER for. This includes basic suturing and splinting. It is all a part of our goal to make it easy for you as a parent to have all of your child's healthcare needs met in one place. 

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