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At Total Care Clinics, we are grateful for the opportunity to impact the health of the many families who entrust us to be their care-giver. As we continue on our journey to provide Healthcare Solutions for the Whole Family, we hear experiences from our patients that make an impact on us. We have asked some of those individuals if we could share their experiences. Here are just a few of the testimonials we have received.

Roger Baker

Champion Body-Builder & Fitness Coach

"When I first came to Total Care Clinics, I was just looking for a primary physician to work with. Aaron Johnson’s experience with athletes made him MUCH better suited for my needs. He was able to work with my health issues and still help me continue to progress towards my fitness goals. At the time, these issues included diabetes, high blood pressure sleep issues and low testosterone.

Let me be clear. Aaron didn’t just manage my “issues”. EVERYTHING is now very much on the right track with my health. This is something NO other Primary Care Provider had been able to do. And believe me, I tried quite a few.

People ask me if I recommend Total Care. The answer is a resounding yes. We work with world-class athletes. Total Care’s work with this type of athlete continues to be a huge factor as to why we recommend them. It really is shocking just how many doctors out there are NOT willing to address low testosterone issues when test show VERY low levels. This happens with both men AND women. In my experience, most docs’ understanding of cortisol, thyroid health and hormone replacement is, at best, limited. 

We have been referring client to Total Care for years…almost since their doors opened. We have clients / athletes who come to Tri-Cities for 2 reasons: 1) to train with me and 2) to see Aaron. We have seen almost EVERYONE we recommend to Total Care benefit greatly from the help they receive. We continue to do so."

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Learn more about care for Men's Hormone's at Total Care Clinics

Nate Goetsch

Auto Professional, Husband & Dad

"It’s hard to really quantify my Total Care experience. I was experiencing some pain. I came to see Aaron Johnson at Total Care. He quickly identified that I needed an ultrasound. His evaluation and quick action led to the identification of blood clots in my leg that need IMMEDIATE attention. 

In the days leading up to seeing Total Care, I had been to other medical professionals for the same issue. NOBODY else had a clue as to what was going on. Aaron’s accurate evaluation and quick referral ended up being life-altering. I am still here and in one piece since the results of the ultrasound showed that the blood clots were mere days away from requiring amputation of my leg! 


I know this is short and to the point, but this is MORE than enough testimony to what Aaron and the team at Total Care are capable of. And yes, I have switched to Total Care as my Primary Care Provider. Suggest you do the same."  

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Looking & feeling 32 All Over Again!

"What can I say. Your and your team has been a success in me pulling my life back together after a tragic divorce and feelings of self-worthlessness. The total contribution to my life and your efforts in helping me get my figure back, my skin looking healthy, the hormone influence and my iron deficiencies have made me a totally new woman.

You are indeed very insightful. The understanding of the woman as a whole person that you truly embrace is so remarkable. While you have a true gift of understanding that the physical appearance is so important to a woman, you are also able to see beneath the surface.


Luv you guys and Thank you!"

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