treating chronic pain

 with medical marijuana


Are you suffering from chronic pain that hampers your quality of life? Do you experience nasty side effects from medicine prescribed to address your ailments? Medical marijuana is a safe, natural and potent medication for many debilitating diseases and ailments such as HIV/AIDS, cancer, nausea, and seizures. Total Care Clinics offers Washington residents with chronic ailments and long term illnesses the opportunity to be evaluated by a medical cannabis doctor for a medical marijuana authorization. Total Care Clinics follows guidelines set forth Chapter 69.51 RCW, which allows the legal use of medical marijuana after receiving a marijuana recommendation. 


If you are interested in whether medical marijuana is a suitable medication for your condition, please read this entire page and then call us at (509) 735-9355 for a marijuana evaluation today!  


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Medical Marijuana Kennewick & Tri-Cities, WA

Our Process

The team at Total Care firmly believes in exploring every option to improve the quality of life for each patient. We also firmly believe in the thorough and responsible exploration of all levels of treatment prior to arriving at a prescription for Medical Marijuana. To that end, we have developed a process designed specifically to insure the best result for each patient requesting this treatment.


1. Evaluation / $50 (Non-refundable)

To begin any evaluation process, we require at least 2 years of your medical records in order to thoroughly research the history of your pain and pain management. Following evaluation of those records, our office will contact you to either a) schedule and appointment for you to come in and receive your Authorization Card or b) recommend a different route of treatment based on your history. If our providers determine that the authorization if the correct route of care to choose, the $50 paid for your evaluation will be applied towards the cost of your Authorization Card.


2. Appointment & Card / $150 Total

Once we schedule your appointment, the process at that time to receive your Authorization Card is relatively brief. We will provide some basic information about the recommended use of the product as well as recommendations for responsible use. You should expect to receive your Authorization Card at the conclusion of the scheduled appointment.


No Records? Select Records-to-Authorization Package = $399

Many patients have a genuine need for Medical Marijuana but don't have the medical records to provide the history necessary for us to authorize through our standard process of care. In order to assist this kind of patient, we have created the "Records-to-Authorization" Package. This consists of the following:


- Intake Appointment: This appointment is designed to determine the condition for which you have pain and determine an initial course of action for treatment and pain management (not Medical Marijuana). This may include orders for scans or lab work.*


- Follow-up Appointment: This appointment is designed to provide a thorough overview of the scans, labs, or other evaluations ordered by your provider during the intake appointment AND to prescribe an initial regimen of treatment.


- Evaluation Appointment: This appointment is designed to determine if the original regimen of treatment has been successful. The time for this appointment will be specified by your provider after the Follow-Up Appointment based on his or her evaluation of the time required for effective implementation of the initial regimen of treatment. If this regimen has failed to correct the pain issue to the providers satisfaction, an Authorization Care will at that time be issued.  

Medical Marijuana Kennewick & Tri-Cities, WA





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* Please note that any scan, blood work or any other non-appointment related medical work will be an additional charge. If you have major medical insurance, you will be able to submit all claims to them as usual. If you are a cash-pay patient or hold a policy with whom Total Care is not in network, you will bear the financial responsibility.

Important Information regarding a Medical Marijuana Prescription

Is medical marijuana legal in Washington State?

  • The medical marijuana law, Chapter 69.51A, provides protection from arrest or other criminal sanctions for qualified patients and designated caregivers who are complying with the law. People who qualify have a valid reason to possess a 60-day supply of marijuana. However, medical marijuana is not legal under federal law. There is no protection for people who are arrested or charged under federal law. 


Do I have to register with or obtain a card from the state?

  • No. If you are a qualifying patient with a valid written recommendation from your health care provider, that’s all you need. 


Am I protected if I travel to other states with my recommendation?

  • Some states may allow use a medical marijuana recommendation from Washington. Washington medical marijuana patients should check with other states before traveling and comply with the laws in the other state. Health care provider recommendations, ID cards, and other documentation from other states are not legal in Washington.