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Family Practice….takes PRACTICE

When it comes to your healthcare, you are in one of 3 categories. Those categories will determine how you view your healthcare experience every time you walk through your provider’s door. And taking control of that category isn’t as difficult as it may seem…because sometimes change is the healthiest decision a family can make.

“We are very happy!”

The first category that you might find yourself in, the category we HOPE you have been in for a long time, is the SATISFIED category. Many healthcare providers not only consistently provide a high level of care, they do it in a way that is personable yet professional, respectful yet purposeful, genuine…without condescension. Yes, your healthcare provider has a huge scope of knowledge that you can benefit from. But you leave each appointment with a feeling that you NEED was met, not simply impressed by the amount of facts you received. You leave KNOWING that you were listened to. That kind of healthcare experience will leave you and your family with the most important aspect of health…peace of mind.

“We are fairly content!"

The second category that may define your healthcare experience is ACCEPTING. You experience most of what you would like to from the SATISFIED category…at least most of the time. You know that the healthcare needs that arise in your family are met. You know that your provider is competent. You have a fair amount of confidence that the solutions being implemented are the best possible option in most cases. But….sometimes you leave your provider’s office feeling somewhat disconnected. You tell yourself, “Oh, my provider was busy and didn’t mean to be so dismissive of what I needed to tell them,” or, “They didn’t really address or make a plan to address all the things I needed to discuss, but I can just raise those concerns as future visit.” Over time, you begin to develop an almost imperceptible feeling of doubt…and possibly even mistrust. When discussing healthcare with your friends and family, you find yourself saying, “Yeah, my provider is terrific…but…”. And yet, for whatever reason, you ALSO find yourself making mental excuses on behalf of your provider so you don’t feel the need to make a change. What you fail to realize, what so many people fail to realize is that the stress of finding a provider that puts you in the SATISFIED category pales in comparison to the stress you place on yourself by continuing to justify remaining with a provider that you just accept as the only option. Because you DO NOT have to be stuck in that category.

"Why are we still here?!”

By now you have already determined that category 3 is probably best defined as TRAPPED. It’s taking everything outlined in the SATISFIED category and experiencing the severe opposite. It is feeling compelled to AVOID your healthcare provider at all costs. It is the fear that, should something serious take place, your provider would not be there for you, would not have the care and/or possibly the expertise to manager your care through such a serious condition, and would most likely reach out to you only in the event that you stopped showing up. And yet the fear of change can create a paralysis that keeps you tied to such an experience. This does NOT have to be the case. You are NOT TRAPPED.

“Is it really that simple…?”

Changing healthcare providers sounds like a nightmare, but it doesn’t have to be. Finding and building a new relationship of trust when it comes to the most important aspect of your family can be terrifying, but it doesn’t have to be. Waking up every morning with the peace of mind that you and your family have a total healthcare solution provided by a caring, knowledgeable, attentive provider sounds in some scenarios like an unachievable goal, but it DOESN’T have to be.

So in what category do you find your family? Do you see the need for a change? Are you ready to experience a TOTAL healthcare solution? That solution truly does exist. It is what we endeavor to provide everyday…at Total Care Clinics. So escape the trap. Stop choosing acceptance over satisfaction. Come and discover what so many families from across the Columbia Basin have discovered….peace of mind.

It’s possible. Let us show you.

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