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Massage Therapy is NOT a Luxury

My name is Madeline Rannow. It is my passion to help others achieve better quality of life and it is this which has driven me to become a Massage Therapist. I love my job because I get to see other people leave pain and discomfort behind. I believe that massage is never applied or received the same way twice. It is a specialized art that I take pride in providing. I am experienced in several popular techniques and finding just the right treatment for you is my goal.

Below is a list of benefits that I have seen first hand!

- Reducing pain

- Decreasing muscular tension & spasms

- Breaking up adhesions

- Reducing lymphadema & swelling

- Improving circulation

- Increasing mobility & range of motion

- Eliminating metabolic toxins

- Decreasing headaches & migraines

- Improving energy levels

- Improving sleep patterns- Preventing injury

My experience has shown me that massage is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle. This alternative healing approach yields countless benefits, relaxation being the least of all. I strongly encourage you to consider massage therapy before resorting to the medications and surgery.

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