Break through the fitness wall

Aaron Johnson with Total Care Clinics is one of Eastern Washington’s most respected providers of Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy. He has partnered with male and female athletes as well as many other individuals to help each achieve their maximum potential in fitness and daily life and to change their story. Michael Chunn is just one of those stories. Michael was a moderately active business professional. Not only did he referee basketball, he had a better-than-average fitness regimen. However, as he began to take his fitness more serious, he eventually hit a wall in achieving the results he wanted. Already a certified CrossFit coach and powerlifter, Michael was struggling to push past a thresh

Healthy Commitments

It’s early in the week and early in the morning. It is close to the end of the year. It is one of those moments that naturally generates contemplation, regret, hope and many questions about what the future holds…and will it be more regret. Sound a bit fatalistic? Maybe it is. But let’s get real for just a moment and talk about the regrets that all of us have, most of which come from our unwillingness or inability to follow through on a commitment. ​​If we had to list every commitment we have ever made and then note whether or not we completed those commitments, we might not be very happy with the results. Commitments by their very nature are problematic because they add something to our alre

Motor Vehicle Accidents: What you need to know about your care

If you are in a Motor Vehicle Accident, your primary concern AND ours is that your healthcare needs are addressed. In the midst of this experience however, you will hear a lot of terminology that may or may not apply to your specific set of circumstances. And whether we are billing your car insurance, health insurance, or you have hired an attorney, it is your responsibility, as the patient, to make sure your medical bills are paid. Please don’t hesitate to inquire about your balance or any other questions you may have. We want you as the patient to be armed with information necessary to have the most peace of mind possible during your care and recovery. Here are some of those terms and what

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