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Truly "Affordable" Healthcare

As a healthcare provider, it is sometimes frustrating to know that the Insurance industry, while being a valuable asset in covering so many of the healthcare services provided, can also do be a deterrent to someone seeking out basic healthcare because of low/coverage plans and high deductibles. At Total Care Clinics, our desire is to provide as many options as possible for as many people as possible to be able to take advantage of the services that we have to offer.

With the Affordable Healthcare Act in place, many individuals have been forced to select "health coverage" that provides financial benefit in the long run for only the very severe healthcare needs that may or may not arise for that individual. Basic medical care at a family healthcare provider is cost prohibitive because of the high deductibles that are attached to these coverage plans. In an effort to bridge the gap between accessibility of services and high-deductible health coverage, Total Care is now offering "Direct Primary Care (DPC)."

In a nutshell, DPC is set up so that an individual or family can pay a monthly fee and receive care for a multitude of basic healthcare needs (click here for a complete list of services). Appointments for these services can be set whenever a need arises, and the overall number of appointments during a subscription period are not capped. And THAT is pretty much the entire program.

Some of the benefits of DPC include:

  • Having an option for healthcare that is not impacted by your health coverage plan

  • Creating a health benefit for employers and their families in addition to existing coverage

  • Accessibility to healthcare providers via both face-to-face appointments and telemedicine

  • Peace of mind that a high deductible no longer has to stand in the way of receiving basic healthcare.

Our website has an entire page dedicated to this topic. We encourage you to read through that information and then visit the EverMed DPC website for more information on how to secure this coverage.

At Total Care. Clinics, our mission is to impact the long-term health of individuals and families across Eastern Washington. Increasing the accessibility to the services we provide does just that. DPC is just one of the ways can we are opening avenues of care…be sure you find the avenue that is best for your family.

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