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The Unexpected

I'm sitting here writing near a window. Outside my particular window is a fairly substantial snow storm...and it's supposed to be done doing that (by "it" I mean the sky and by "that" I mean crazy cold weather in my part of the state). This morning, the All-Wheel Drive vehicle was used for all the necessary family transportation. If I make it to the gym today, it will be underneath several layers of warm clothing. Oh, and my skating skills are already being challenged just walking across the driveway.

But I'm prepared. So I'm not really sweatin' it.

​​At Total Care Clinics, we tend to repeat a similar message of preparedness. You'd think that our medical providers were Boy Scouts or something. And yet this idea of being prepared in advance of a healthcare issue seems to be a less and less popular way to practice medicine. So many times the "solutions" have built into them a necessity for repetitive treatment and care. Many patients are completely comfortable with this provider/patient relationship because 1) it makes it easier to plan less and react more with a healthcare solution and, well, 2) that's how it's always been.

Whether it's injections for healing instead of just pain, therapy to repair hormones, not just manage them or the introduction of supplements that allow each patient to be proactive about their health, our commitment at Total Care Clinics is to not simply be driven by the unexpected. Yes, we are prepared for it. But we would much rather equip you with the tools and resources to avoid a health concern all together and to really grasp what your body needs.

Because we don't want your All-Wheel Drive vehicle to be in the shop and your warm clothes packed away in storage when it starts snowing outside YOUR window.

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