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Peace of Mind

How much is peace of mind worth? How much is it worth investing in financially? How much is it worth investing in financially when it comes to its impact emotionally? These are rhetorical questions for sure…but how do you find peace of mind in the ever evolving, something frustrating world of healthcare?

In a previous article, we talked about the idea that peace of mind is the most important aspect of the healthcare experience. We talked about the idea that “many healthcare providers not only consistently provide a high level of care, they do it in a way that is personable yet professional, respectful yet purposeful, genuine…without condescension” and that “you leave each appointment with a feeling that your NEED was met, not simply impressed by the amount of facts you received. You leave KNOWING that you were listened to. That kind of healthcare experience will leave you and your family with the most important aspect of health…peace of mind.” This is a great concept, and very much achievable. But the lingering question that all of this leaves us with is almost as rhetorical: “How do we get this from the idea stage to the experience stage?”

Here’s what we think.

You find peace of mind when your healthcare solution is ACCESSIBLE

It goes without saying that most healthcare providers are hard to get scheduled with. There is a great need and rarely are there enough providers in a given region to meet that need. Total Care patients are beginning to experience the peace of mind that accessibility can create as they get on the Total Care schedule as soon as they call. In many cases, that can be the same day for an acute need. As a mid-size clinic, we have multiple providers who can address the health needs and concerns of each patient, even if it is the colleague of the primary care provider. Which leads right into the next way that peace of mind can move from an idea to an experience.

You find peace of mind when your healthcare solution meets the URGENT needs of your family

Urgent Care locations have a huge patient load. Most all of us have been in an urgent care for hours waiting with a family member to be seen. We are grateful for these types of clinics…but we want to be able to help our patients avoid the time involved with such a visit if at all possible. That’s why we make every provider available to every patient for urgent needs…even if that is not their primary provider. When an urgent need arises, from a cough or cold to basic suturing and splinting, we can provide the needed care. Most of our staff have worked Emergency Rooms and know how to address these types of concerns in an efficient way. The peace-of-mind experience grows when Total Care families already know where they are headed with an acute need…even before it happens.

You find peace of mind when your healthcare provider is OPEN MINDED

Let’s face it. We have all experienced a healthcare visit that was far from pleasant. We arrived with a need and left feeling like we just finished taking a class that we had not studied for. The amount of information available in the healthcare field is enormous. Yes, healthcare providers are very educated in their field…but NONE of us know everything. At Total Care, our providers continually 1) strive to expand their knowledge base and 2) make it a point to have a CONVERSATION with each patient…not simply a one-sided monologue with an inflexible perspective on what treatment applies to the presented symptoms. We take a team approach to your healthcare…YOU are ON that team.

So, what is peace of mind worth? How much can your healthcare experience impact your peace of mind on a daily basis? Would and accessible provider group that is available for your urgent needs and who approach your healthcare with an open mind help to provide that peace of mind? At Total Care, we think it is definitely a good start.

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