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Break through the fitness wall

Aaron Johnson with Total Care Clinics is one of Eastern Washington’s most respected providers of Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy. He has partnered with male and female athletes as well as many other individuals to help each achieve their maximum potential in fitness and daily life and to change their story. Michael Chunn is just one of those stories.

Michael was a moderately active business professional. Not only did he referee basketball, he had a better-than-average fitness regimen. However, as he began to take his fitness more serious, he eventually hit a wall in achieving the results he wanted.

Already a certified CrossFit coach and powerlifter, Michael was struggling to push past a threshold that was keeping him from getting his body in competition shape. Even with a more stringent diet, Michael's energy level and overall gains were limited.

Enter Total Care Clinics.

After consulting with Aaron Johnson at Total Care Clinics, Michael was able to identify and balance some hormone issues common to fitness athletes. This required minimal treatment as well as ongoing management with Total Care . You can see the results for yourself.

CrossFit, Powerlifting, basketball officiating and a fitness-oriented diet are the building blocks for Michael's success. Bio-identical Hormone Treatment and Management from Total Care Clinics took Michael to the next level.

Ready to take YOUR fitness to the next level? Call Total Care Clinics at 509-735-WELL.

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